Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank (AIIB)

Informations générales :

  • Ministère de tutelle : Ministère des Finances
  • Forme juridique : Institution financière internationale
  • Nombre de personnes employées : Non déterminé
  • Site web

Missions / objets :

We enable clients to build Infrastructure for Tomorrow (i4t)—green infrastructure with sustainability, innovation and connectivity at its core. We do this by unlocking finance that brings this vision to fruition. As our clients succeed in building i4t, society shares in that success.

As a multilateral development bank focused on developing Asia, but with members from all over the world, our investments in infrastructure and other productive sectors seek to foster sustainable economic development, create wealth and improve infrastructure connectivity.

We adapt and innovate constantly to deliver customized investment solutions that overcome the challenges our clients face. They count on our resilience to help them meet their objectives even during the most difficult times.

Prosperity and economic development for Asia is our goal. To realize this, we facilitate the i4t that empowers regions and their people with access to physical, digital and social services. This in turn contributes to local, regional and global sustainability.

Données fondamentales :

  • Capital social souscrit : 96.964.700.000 USD
  • Nombre de parts sociales : 969.647
  • Valeur nominale d'une part sociale  : 100.000 USD
  • Nombre de parts sociales souscrites par l'Etat : 697
  • Taux de participation de l'Etat : 0,07 %
  • Valeur nominale de la participation de l'État : 69.700.000 USD
  • Capital appelé : 13.900.000 USD
  • Capital appelé (en %) : 19.94 %
  • Capital appelé versé en espèces : 13.900.000 USD
  • Capital appelé versé en billets à ordre : 0 USD
  • Capital appelé restant à verser : 0 USD

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