Return of consigned assets

The Consignment Office is in charge of keeping the consigned assets in custody with a view to their return to the entitled beneficiaries.

The return of consigned assets to the entitled beneficiaries requires a motivated decision from the Consignment Office.

In the event of a consignment based on article 1 (1) of the law of 29 April 1999 on State consignments, the return occurs in accordance with the act authorising it. In the event of a consignment based on article 1 (2) of the aforementioned law, the return occurs upon duly justified request.

In any case, an identity document as well as a bank account statement will be requested prior to the actual return. In addition, the Consignment Office will only proceed to the return of assets once it has received payment of the outstanding costs.

Any person making a simple information request regarding consigned assets to the Consignment Office is also required to submit an identity document.

Feel free to contact the Consignment Office and make use of the contact form.

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