Inactive accounts

The law of 30 March 2022 on inactive accounts, inactive safe deposit boxes and unclaimed insurance policies (hereinafter « the Law ») provides the legal framework for:

  • inactive accounts and safe deposit boxes; and
  • unclaimed insurance policies.

The Law provides the rules pursuant to which banks must consign assets held in accounts and safe deposit boxes with the State Treasury, Consignment Office (Trésorerie de l’Etat, Caisse de consignation) after a prolonged period of inactivity. Insurance companies must do likewise for insurance policies in respect of which benefits remain unclaimed for a prolonged period.

Banks and insurance companies must file their application for consignment with the State Treasury, Consignment Office electronically through

As from December 1st, 2023, any person justifying a right to consigned assets may file with the State Treasury, Consignment Office:

  • an information request on entries in the electronic register of consignments in accordance with article 32 of the Law; or
  • a request for restitution of consigned assets in accordance with article 33 of the Law.

The specific request form together with its attachments should be filed electronically through  

In case the access with authentication to is unavailable for the applicant, the duly signed form may be transmitted as follows:

  • either by e-mail in PDF form to In case of a request for restitution, the request form needs to be provided with a certified electronic signature;
  • or the original by postal service to the following address:

        Trésorerie de l’Etat, Caisse de consignation
        3, rue du St. Esprit
        L - 1475 Luxembourg
Important notice:

Article 49(5) of the Law states that requests for information in accordance with article 32 as well as requests for restitution in accordance with article 33 cannot be introduced earlier than eighteen months after the Law comes into force, i.e. no earlier than December 1st, 2023. The specific forms will be made available in due time. Thus before December 1st, 2023, it is not possible to submit requests for information and/or requests for restitution to the State Treasury, Consignment Office.

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